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PBF Vanish

PBF Vanish helps with your ingrown hairs along with skin irritation that works wonders with the skin. It helps your problem in the matter of days and the ingrown hair irritation is no longer there, like its.. vanished!

Eye Kandy

Eye Kandy product is a fun product to just throw around all over. It is body and eye glitter used for all types of occasions, its like eye shadow, but with sparkles! There is a special way of putting it on with sugar and it is not harmful to eyes or skin.

City Cosmetics

These cosmetics are very special cosmetics, helping with eye wrinkles and lashes. It is a fun product, with fun names! It works wonders, including with the under eye products that work in a matter of days/weeks.

Rena Levi

Rena Levi is a beautiful product that helps with your skin, including acne! With a nice face scrub you will be set with beautiful skin.

Moroccan Oil

The Moroccanoil brand has become an industry sensation that is embraced by celebrities, runway stylists and women all over the world. Now, it is with great pride that we introduce a line of body care products that offer women simple and effective solutions for everyday use. We invite you to try Moroccan oil body products and experience the luxury and performance for yourself.

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